Scout Neckerchief Story


The scouts of the world today can thank their predecessors, like the Buckskin Scout, and the woods running scout. In the wilderness they had to blend in with their surroundings and the necker / scarf was more of a subdued colour as not to give away their position while hunting. Brighter colours were introduced like Crimson, and was used to tie back their hair on festive occations. It became apparent over a short period of time that if such a scout entered a settlement wearing a bright coloured necker, they were their seeking rest and relaxation.

In later times the convienence and possibile uses of the necker / scarf grew in popularity. The plains scouts trackers on horseback, rode the dusty plains with their necker wrapped round in reverse covering the mouth, helping them breath more easily. The railroad workers were thankful as the plains scouts provided food and protection. On a more festive note though many colours began to appear such as bright red, green, blue or yellow and could easily be aquired by the poorest of them.